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CrepeMaker OC is the most sought-after crepe catering service provider in Orange, Los Angeles, and Yorba Linda. We serve delicious and absolutely healthy crepes for desserts, breakfast, and even dinners! With so many repeat customers across the state of California and even as far as Puerto Rico who are willing to attest to our crepes’ extraordinary goodness, you’ll surely have a great time serving mouth-watering crepes to your guests.

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We Serve Only the Best-quality Crepes

Crepes are all-time favorite desserts, which we have mastered making. We only prepare specialty crepes, using the freshest ingredients. All our crepes are guaranteed made and served onsite, so you’re assured of their freshness and great quality.

Unlike other crepe catering service providers in California, we at CrepeMaker OC don’t just create crepes that will satisfy those with sweet teeth but also customers who are health conscious. We can even provide gluten-free recipes so you won’t have to worry about your health condition. We also assure you that each crepe that we serve is carefully prepared and truly healthy.

The Most Experienced Crepe Makers in the US

When it comes to making crepes that can satisfy even those with highly discriminating taste buds, we at CrepeMaker OC are the acknowledged gurus. With our decades of experience (we started in 1992), we have perfected the process of making the best crepes for our customers. We are fortunate to have dedicated chefs who have been making drool-worthy crepes for a living. With them, we are always able to satisfy our clients’ hunger for world-class crepes that are absolutely irresistible.

With our crepe catering services, we guarantee customers in Orange and other California cities that we will be very meticulous in the safety and cleanliness of our cooking utensils, ingredients, and even the chefs who prepare our crepe specialties. You’re assured that we will observe hygienic procedures every step of the way – from how we prepare them to the ingredients used and the fillings/toppings that we add based on your preferences. We also assure you that we will provide orderly catering service so you won’t disappoint your guests.

Extraordinary Crepe Recipes

Crepe Catering Orange, CA Not all crepes are created equal, and here at CrepeMaker OC, we assure clients that our crepes are of outstanding qualities. We have always made it a point to create crepes that are quite unlike traditional crepes prepared by other crepe makers. With us, you’re assured that we offer tasty crepes that are truly extraordinary– from crepes with strawberry and Nutella fillings to those that have ham and cheese and/or fresh fruits and vegetables. And if you actually have a recipe of your own, you can also tell us about it, and we’ll give it our own twist!

Meanwhile, if you need proof of just how great-tasting our crepes are, just consider that our crepe creations have been enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers in Miami, California, and Puerto Rico. Our crepe catering services, on the other hand, are easily the most sought-after in the areas we serve, particularly in Orange, CA.

We Cater to All Events

Be it a birthday party, graduation, homecoming, Thanksgiving, or Christmas celebration, CrepeMaker OC can be your perfect ally in treating your guests and loved ones with delectable crepes. Our crepe catering services are perfect for all kinds of occasions and events regardless of how small or large your expected number of guests may be.

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